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Project Management Consulting

At Aderklint Management Consulting (AMC), we focus on tailored solutions which will help to improve results in key performance indicators of your business.

  • Mentoring and coaching during project start-up, execution and closeout
  • Implementation of project management methodology
  • Team building
  • Scheduling and project control
  • Assessment and recovery of troubled projects
  • Change management
  • Audit of projects
  • Management advisor

Project Management Training

With Aderklint Management Consulting (AMC), you can choose from a comprehensive project management training curriculum that allows you or your team to develop both technical and leadership skills.




Certified Project Manager PMP®/SAFe® 5 Scrum Master (SSM)/Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University. Consultant, coach, business trainer focusing on project management, leadership expert and speaker worldwide.

Project management consultant and board advisor, having an extensive experience in project management, planning and cost control of international turnkey industrial projects, with the main concentration in heavy industrial engineering and construction. In-depth experience in managing sub-consultants and multicultural teams. Having practical knowledge and tools to assess and recover troubled projects.

Developing and delivering trainings and coaching in leadership, teambuilding and project management hard skills such as: project initiation, planning and cost control including EVM or risk management to practicing professionals worldwide (e.g.: East, Middle East, Europe, South America and North America).

Experience in numbers



  • I have worked for the last 15 years with Urban. He is an extremely competent project/program manager. On top of that he is able to teach other his skills. His passion for the subject and collaboration skills, has made him to a great inspiration source for many project managers in our company. As Urban recognize the contribution of people in delivering a successful projects, he balance hard and soft skill in a unique way. Matts Larsson,
    Former owner of the project capability in Tetra Pak
  • Whoever deals with the topic of project management and possibly even tackles the first steps in the implementation of a project management organization, has with Urban Aderklint a more than competent contact person and experts at his side.
    When I was tasked with implementing a project management office organization for new product development projects in the Husqvarna Group, Urban was a more than helpful point of contact. I have benefited greatly from his many years of experience. In particular, his talent as a coach is to be highlighted. Even today, the project managers who went through his training program speak of him with respect and enthusiasm. The knowledge he has provided has led to great progress in the processing of projects in our organization. That's why Urban has been given the title " Guru of Project Management" in our team. Hede-Marie Hauser,
    Vice President Program Office & Sustainability, Gardena Division
  • I’ve known Urban for more than 25 years through our association with the former ESI, International, one of the world’s largest provider of project management training (now part of Korn Ferry, Intl). Urban is an outstanding instructor and consultant with deep expertise in all facets of project management. Additionally, he has the enviable ability to be able to convey challenging topics and concepts to professional project management practitioners from around the world. Urban was our “go to ”facilitator for many of our most important assignments, and he traveled the globe too many times to count to help advance our business. He was one of the most sought-after and popular instructors and clients would request him by name time and time again. Moreover, he is a pleasure to work with and I have personally enjoyed a great relationship with him. I recommend him highly. J. LeRoy Ward, President,
    Ward Associates
  • Urban has worked with us in Husqvarna AB over many years and is a highly appreciated educator and coach. Thanks to his excellent trainings within Project Management he has helped us with a great and professional foundation. He has tons of experiences and his engagement and inspiration level is at 100% - at every occasion! Ulrika Strömberg,
    Global R&D Director TreePro, Husqvarna
  • I was privileged to work with Urban during my tenure as President & CEO of TwentyEighty Strategy Execution (formerly ESI International). During this time, Urban worked with senior executives and project leaders in global companies from a cross section of industries around the world. He was instrumental in helping guide their maturity in programme and project management; coaching, teaching and advising on project excellence in a variety of disciplines. Urban was one of our most trusted advisors and was instrumental in delivering successful project management transformations for our clients. He was always a delight to work with, bringing humor and energy to his craft that made him sought after on projects time and time again. John Elsey,
    President & CEO at Richardson
  • I can say that Urban is the best instructor i have ever met! His knowledge and experience causes no doubts and even more important thing is that I got feeling he really enjoys what he's doing, he is willing to share his knowledge - that's why his lessons passed in interesting, live and friendly manner. Urban has great communication skills and I'm happy that had a choice to meet him and participate in his training sessions. Vitaliy Sokolov, PMP,
    Head Of Project Management Office at AG
  • I have known Urban for more than 20 years and he is one of very few that dedicated his entire carrier to Project and Program Management. He has executed a number of large strategic program as a Program Director with great success, not only from a deliverables perspective but also from a team performance perspective. Urban has a holistic view on how to become a successful Program and/or Project Manager and is focused on both managing upwards and down wards and especially working closely with the client to ensure alignment on expectation during all project phases. He has also taken a huge responsibility in the international Project Management society and been a key note speaker at conferences but most importantly he has gloriously shared his knowledge and experience in one to one coaching session but also developed customer or industry specific Project Management Curriculums and has been trainer and head coach. I can highly recommend Urban to build and develop program management capabilities at company level or invite him to take individual Program Managers to the next level in their Program Management carrier. Carsten Bech,
    Director, Site Lead, Amgen AB


You can choose from:

  • ready-made courses or tailor-made workshops, which include Clients’ real projects and respond to their specific needs
  • in class courses delivered in venues all over the World or virtual class courses, using Zoom or Adobe connect as platform

You can expect:

  • Learning by doing
  • A pragmatic approach
  • Quality and high ethical standards
  • Partnership and fun
  • Project Management Fundamentals

    ! Learn fundamental project management skills through case studies, exercises and practical examples that can immediately be applied to your job.

    ! Gain practical knowledge, proven techniques and tools to effectively manage every kind of project.

    Duration: 2 or 3 days

    For each course day – 1 hour of coaching is included


    • Describe the roles and responsibilities of project managers across the project life cycle
    • Define and develop the foundations of a project plan, including: project requirements, (PR)
    • work breakdown structure (WBS), schedule, cost and other resources
    • Manage and control the project against the baseline
    • Close out a project effectively

    Table of Content

    • Project Management Framework
    • Scope Management
    • Cost Management
    • Time Management
  • Cost and Schedule Management

    ! Discover proven ways to work within the project constraints: scope, time, budget, human resources and materials.

    ! Receive practical tools for planning, executing, and controlling a variety of projects in every industry.

    ! Get basic knowledge about useful software such as MS Project or Primavera and go back to work with a platform for your own projects.

    Duration: 4 days

    For each course day – 1 hour of coaching is included


    • Understand how to develop scope of the project
    • Review and evaluate the Quality of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Use the right tools and technics for accurate cost and time estimate
    • Identify how to utilize all recourses in the most optimum way
    • Understand how to establish the Baselines
    • Control the project by evaluating the variances, doing forecasting and taking corrective actions in order to get the project back on track.
    • Understand how the Software can be supporting tool in Project Control.

    Table of Content

    • Introduction to Project Management
    • Introduction to Software (MS Project or PRIMAVERA) or Advanced based on experience
    • Scope Management
    • Cost Management
    • Time Management
    • Monitoring and Control
  • Risk Management

    ! Discover proven methods to identify, assess and analyze risks and develop the most appropriate risk response at all kinds of projects.

    ! Estimate and characterize the impact of risks on your project.

    Duration: 2 days

    For each course day – 1 hour of coaching is included


    • Understand the complete Risk Management Process
    • Describe and convince the team members and the organization of importance of Risk Management
    • Be ready to use the right tool at the right moment
    • Apply good practices of Risk Management

    Table of Content

    • Risk Management Process
    • Identify Risks
    • Analyze Risks
    • Prioritize Risks
    • Risk Response Planning
    • Risk Monitoring and Control
  • Leadership and Communication Management

    ! Increase your leadership skills to motivate and inspire your most valuable resources in a project – your people.

    ! Complete a self-assessment for better self-management, then lead project teams and build relationships through more effective communication.

    Duration: 4 days

    For each course day – 1 hour of coaching is included


    • Identify the competencies important for leading people
    • Motivate and inspire your team members
    • Understand the stages a group go through to become a team, assess the stage they are in and learn how to guide them
    • Build relationship through a deep self-awareness for better self-management (SDI)
    • Manage conflicts in an efficient manner.
    • Understand of the importance of a High Ethical Standard and how it influence the behavior of the team members.
    • Plan for and communicate with different stakeholders in an efficient manner.

    Table of Content

    • Emotional Intelligence & Leadership
    • Motivation Theory
    • Group Dynamics
    • Relationship Management
    • Conflict Management
    • Ethics
    • Communication Management
  • Project Management for Executives

    ! As a Project Sponsor, gain the most valuable knowledge and tools to implement a project management culture in your organization and to support your Project Managers.

    ! Get a comprehensive perspective of the art of project management and understand the value it can bring in helping to execute business strategies.

    Duration: 0,5-2 days

    For each course day – 1 hour of coaching is included


    • Understand how to use Project Management as a strategic tool
    • Manage your Project Portfolio, select and evaluate the projects
    • Understand the principle of Governance, the roles and responsibilities of the Steering Team
    • Set up the efficient Project Governance to secure progress and support the Project Manager
    • Avoid common risks and sources for the project failures
    • Understand the Executive’s view which indicators and triggers to look for
    • Understand the fundamentals of Project Management to support the Project Manager

    Table of Content

    • Introduction to Project Management
    • Strategic Project Management
    • Portfolio Management
    • Governance
    • Roles and Responsibilities of the Steering Team during Project Life Cycle
    • Summary of what every Executives should know about Project Management


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